Sunday, August 16, 2009

I haven't been updating this much

Mainly because no one really comments or pays attention. I'll put a video up soon so people will check this out more. Anyway a few things happend...

- Painted up Nick's BFG Fleet
- Painted up Bryce's 3 Dark Elves that are test models. Pictures today
- Finished Jordan's Nurgle Army
- Mailing out Jordan's Nurgle army and the Tau army Monday


  1. Dont be turn down with the lack of comments, i'm a huge fan of your work, also a fan of your "talking about Tyranids" videos.
    I would like to see some video battle reports of your games, to see all that Tyranid knollege put into action.
    Keep up the excelent work.
    PS: Sorry my poor english, not my main language.

  2. I've only just come across your you tube stuff and now this! Good work keep it up. I agree with Ze, battle report are always a good staple. Perhaps more structured but that takes time and we all have lives to live. :-)

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  4. i agree as well. i usually read this blog every week or so and the same goes for the youtube account. i actually thought the deathwatch thing was pretty awesome and i cant wait to see more tyranid vids. also try doing some how to paint vids. people love those... (lol hideous spelling in the other comment.)