Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1000 Subscribers

Actually 1017, I created a video a few days ago.

Now deep into working on the Nurgle army. Currently the Oblits are fully painted, as well as a test Plauge marine. Going to paint the bases today. Also I have to finish building the zombie caravan of Rhinos. Still waiting for the FW Plauge marine conversion kits for the marines. The Daemon princes will be painted in a day or two

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painting Some Tyranids

Pictures up by tonight. I'm currently painting 6 Tyranid Warriors and a Carnifex. Playing around with acid looking stuff on the fex. Fun stuff.

Also planning on doing another Talking About Tyranids vid on Death Spitter Warriors!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now I'm Waiting For The Mail

So I can get started on commissions! Come on US Mail!

Otherwise I might paint some of my own Tyranids, who knows. I do have this Carnifex here....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And the finished board!


I'll get around to still pics. I'm slowing down of a bit right now. I'll work on some Tyranids while waiting for Jordan's Nurgle CSM. And now its 1:04am. I'm peacing
Part 1 of the Building a Board video. I just noticed I took no pictures throughout building it, just video clips. Whatever. Anyway we have here my efforts for the past few days.

Actual pictures of finished projhect on Wednesday!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Building a New Board

I'll have a video and everything Sunday Night. When I should be finished. 6x4 Temperate board with grassy rocks and some macragge terrain. Then I can start making battle reports!!!!

I now have a layer of sawdust over me and I need to shower.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tau Pictures

High Quality Picture link at the bottom. Here's the video link:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tau are finished

The "Brother's of Golem" or the "Followers of Golem" is the idea for the armies name. No pictures. I just finished them about 30 seconds ago. The last patch of static grass is now drying.

The Stealth suits came out much better then I thought. Those new GW washes are amazing. Overall the army is sub par Level 1, but still quite awesome looking. I also should have airbrushed the tank a more bleached bone brown instead of what I did it as. Well, practice is always good....

Pictures Thursday morning!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Working on Tau

So I've spent the past 3 days working on this army for about 6 or more hours per day. I just spent the last 3 hours or so rebuilding Tau batlesuits. There was around 40 or so pins used in a total of 6 Crisis Suits and one Broadside Suit..... insanity. Well the army will be completed around Wednesday or Thursday depending. It's around my level 1 Quality, so nothing super awesome but still quite cool.

List of Units:

- 32 Fire Warriors
- 8 Pathfinders
- 1 Devil Fish
- 1 Hammerhead
- 1 Suit Commander
- 5 Suits
- 1 Broadside
- 4 Shield Drones
- 1 Etheral
- 21 Kroot
- 2 Kroot Hounds
- 1 Kroot Shaper

I'll post the list when I finalize what I'm using. And Pictures will be later in the Week! I'm also working on a board this weekend.... muahhahaa

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Templar Armylist

Well I just found out I had my points a bit wrong. This list was 1750... I thought.

Emperor's Champion
Chaplain (Reclusriach or Master of Sanctity depending on the Vow)

Dreadnought (Assualt Cannon, Storm Bolter, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers)

Dreadnought (Assualt Cannon, Storm Bolter, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers)


Crusader Squad (6 Initiates, 4 Neophytes)
- Lascannon
- Frag Grenades

in Rhino (Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers)

Crusader Squad (6 Initiates, 4 Neophytes)
- Lascannon
- Frag Grenades

in Rhino (Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers)

Crusader Squad (9 Initiates)
- Meltagun

(With Chaplain, Attached to Land Raider Crusader)

Crusader Squad (8 Initiates)
- Meltagun
- Powerfist
- Frag Grenades

(With Emperor's Champion, Attached to Land Raider)


Land Raider (Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers)

Land Raider Crusader (Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers)


That is 1695. Then I chose a vow.

"Accept Any Challenge No Matter The Odds" is reroll hits (Prefered Enemy) in melee for 50 points.

"Suffer Not the Unlcean to Live" (+ 1 STR, - 1 I) for 35 Points. If I pick this one, I bump up the Chaplain to the next level.


Black Templar's Are Finished

That took me about 2 weeks from prime to finish. I would say about 50 to 60 hours total. About 10 of those hours were stripping/fixing the old Templar army. And now it's finished, at my highest Level 3 Quality. I don't really like to paint high quality due to the amount of time spent on only a few models, but it does come out beautiful!!!! I named them the Son's of Tyr.

Check out the other pictures!


I have some names for the vehicles as well

"Zerstoren" is the Land Raider Crusader. I nicknamed him "Zero" for now. "Zerstoren" means Genocide in German.

"Ave Dominus" is the Land Raider. It sounded cool, doesn't really have any meaning. I nicknamed it "Domino".

The two Rhinos are "White" and "Blaq"


I'm tired as anything, so here are the link:

Otherwise we have some pictures,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Hate Highlighting

One more Land Raider to go. There are 3 layers of highlighting on everything in the army. I haven't even started highlighting metals. Anyway Here is one of the Land Raiders I'm working on. The guy on the top is made of pure awesomeness. Anyway the name of the Land Raider is the "Ave Dominus" and I nicknamed it "Domino".

I like how the highlights are coming out. Two Dreadnoughts are also ALMOST finished. "Forn" and "Dour" are these two walking boxes. Ignore the bases, I haven't done anything to them.

We also have some rhino's which I don't care enough about them to give them names.

High Quality Pictures:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Video is Up

I'll start messaging people my "Package" and we'll see what happens.

Link to Video: